Advanced Academic Opportunities – Knoxville Christian Junior and Senior High students with interest and ability have the opportunity to advance academically in:
Dual Enrollment Classes at Pellissippi State Community College – The student must have these courses pre-approved by KCS administration, and the student must meet the Pellissippi admission requirements.
Eligibility for Athletic Competitions – A student is required to pass five credits the semester preceding athletic competition if less than 24 credits are required for graduation or six credits the preceding school year if 24 or more credits are required for graduation.A student must have a minimum of a 2.0 on the previous report card and may not be on academic, behavioral or attendance probation.

Academic Awards

Academic awards are given at the end of each quarter for the following categories:

  • Perfect Attendance
  • Zero Tardies
  • Superior Conduct
  • Superior Scholar (4.0 GPA)
  • Outstanding Scholar (3.5 – 3.99 GPA)
  • Honorable Scholar (3.0 – 3.49 GPA)

Bible Scholar

A senior student will be chosen by a committee of administrators. The committee will use as criteria Bible grades and character during the students;s High School career. This student will be recognized at graduation.

Class Schedule

High School Daily Schedules – KCS High School students have seven class periods per day. All full time students will be scheduled a full class load. Only for Dual Enrollment classes may a student have a lesser class load.
Class Schedule Changes – Students and parents should take great care in selecting courses. Once scheduling is complete, it is often difficult to change a student’s schedule. If a schedule change is to take place, it must occur during the first 5 days of the semester. To request a schedule change, please schedule a meeting with the Principal.
Note: A course dropped after the deadline listed above is recorded as a withdrawal failure (W-F) on the student’s permanent record. A W-F is considered hours attempted and will negatively affect the cumulative grade point average.


In semester courses the grades for the semester are cumulative. In year long courses the grades for the year are cumulative. In order to determine your grade point average, the following value will be attached to the grade scale:

  • A = 4.00
  • B = 3.00
  • C = 2.00
  • D = 1.00
  • F = 0


At KCS an emphasis is placed on summative results; therefore, you will see tests, papers, and projects make up a majority of student’s grades. No extra credit will be allowed nor will students be allowed to correct tests for extra points. KCS uses the state’s universal grading scale for grading:

  • A = 93-100
  • B = 85-92
  • C = 75-84
  • D = 70-74
  • F = 0-69

Graduation Requirements

KCS also requires that all students take the ACT as a junior. The student must score a 21 on this test or he/she will need to purchase through KCS a Stanford Achievement test for his/her senior year. In order to obtain a diploma from KCS the student must score a 50% on each section of this test.

Students who attend KCS for four years of High School must have the required 26 credits. Students entering KCSHigh School from another school will be worked with to the best of our ability.

Graduation Activities

In order to participate in graduation:

  • Seniors must complete requirements for graduation by May of their senior year.
  • The graduation fee of $100 must be paid at the beginning of the school year. If it has not been paid during the first semester, the fee increases to $200.00 and has to be paid before receiving a diploma.
  • All monies and fees (including late fees) through May must be paid by May 10.
  • All textbooks, school athletic uniforms, library books, and any other items which are the property of KCS MUST be returned with only normal wear and tear.

Students failing to adhere to these requirements shall not participate in graduation exercises, diplomas will not be issued, nor will grades/ transcripts be forwarded to colleges or universities. Diplomas and transcripts of students who violate standards of behavior and rules established for graduation will be held pending discipline.

Honor Graduates – Those graduating seniors of KCS who meet the ACT Benchmarks and complete the senior year with a cumulative grade point average of 3.5 or higher shall be recognized as Honor Graduates at Commencement exercises. Three levels of honor will be noted:

  • Those who have a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.5 will graduate cum laude (with distinction).
  • Those who achieve a cumulative grade point average of 3.75 will graduate magna cum laude (with great distinction).
  • Those who accomplish a cumulative grade point average of 4.0 will graduate summa cum laude (with highest distinction).

All honor graduates shall be recognized at commencement exercises by gold honor cords worn around the neck of their gowns. Valedictorians and Salutatorians are selected at the end of the third quarter of the second semester.


  • Students in 9th Grade will take the ACT Explore
  • Students in 10th Grade will take the ACT Plan
  • Students in 11th Grade will take the TCAP Writing Test
  • Students in 11th Grade and 12th Grade must take the ACT at least once in both years. This test must be registered for and taken on the student’s own time and scores must be sent to KCS.

*A student who does not score a 21 on the ACT in his/her junior year will be required to pay for and take the 12th Grade Stanford achievement test their senior year. The student must score 50% on all portions of this test in order to graduate.