Dress Code

At Knoxville Christian School, the administration believes there is a close correlation between the attitudes conducive to good scholarship and responsible citizenship with the neatness and suitability of clothing worn by students, faculty, staff, and visitors. Students are expected to be well-groomed and modestly dressed at all times. The students’ attire should reflect pride in their school. The uniform dress code is not a reflection of current fashion. Success of the dress code is based on cooperation between students, parents and the school. Students should take care that the clothing or accessories they wear to school or school events not include emblems or images that may cause offense, bring about discord, or signal disrespect among members of the Knoxville Christian School community.

In order to set an example for our students of what we believe dress should demonstrate, our faculty and staff abide by a dress code that enforces modest business attire. We respectfully request that parents and guests assist us in this teaching by dressing modestly and appropriately while on campus, at athletics activities, at school functions, or participating in field trips. We ask that everyone within the KCS community use these simple guidelines when coming on campus or attending KCS events:

  • All tops must have sleeves that cover shoulders
  • No cleavage or belly should show
  • Shorts, dresses, and skirts must be no shorter than 2” above the knee

School level administrators make the final decision regarding the acceptability of attire not specifically covered in this dress code. The administration expects faculty, students, and families to display a cooperative and respectful attitude in regard to uniforms.


  • Students are required to arrive on campus properly and neatly attired. Students who choose to come to school out of uniform will not be allowed to attend class until they are in compliance with the uniform policy. The school has the right to take clothing which is out of uniform and keep it until the end of the year.
  • Under no circumstances is it appropriate for students to write on, cut up, or deface uniforms in any way. This includes frayed or stapled hems; slit or frayed pant legs.
  • Shorts are strongly recommended under dresses and skirts. Items such as sweatpants or pajama pants are not to be worn under a skirt. Students may wear predominantly solid tights or leggings, but skirts must be no more than 2” above the knee.
  • No hats or caps are to be worn with uniforms on the Knoxville Christian School campus during the school day (7:40am – 3:15pm). HATS ARE NEVER TO BE WORN INSIDE THE BUILDING.
  • Jewelry and accessories in the Middle school are acceptable as long as they are conservative and in keeping with the style of the uniform.
  • Nose rings, other facial/body piercings (including earrings for boys), and visible tattoos are not permitted at school or at any school related functions.

Administration has the final approval on all dress code issues