Elementary School (K-5)

Knoxville Christian Elementary School spans Kindergarten – 5th Grade. We currently have one classroom in each grade level and class size ranges from 8-12 students per 1 teacher. In the elementary program KCS strives to emphasize the connection between Christ and learning. The teaching reflects current research based philosophies such as multiple intelligences and brain compatible learning. The elementary program is focused on creating students with a solid foundation in the core curriculum areas. Our Teachers use the Bible as the guide for their lives and for planning curriculum which is based on State Standards. Every teacher creates a curriculum based upon the students in his/her classroom. The smaller class size allows the teachers the ability to individualize for different learning styles. KCS elementary students will gain a solid foundation in the core curriculum areas as well as social sciences, technology, and the arts, and they will be taught higher order thinking skills which will prepare them for future academic success. The mission of Knoxville Christian School is to develop children spiritually, emotionally, academically, and physically with Jesus Christ as their standard and the Holy Bible as their foundation, preparing them to be Godly representatives in their community, church, & home.