Annual Fund

For over 40 years Knoxville Christian School has well prepared students with a foundation for lifelong excellence with the focus to educate the whole child. Our commitment is to develop children spiritually, emotionally, academically, and physically with the Lord Jesus Christ as the standard. By nurturing strong Christian virtues and moral values, each student is prepared to enter an ever-changing society.

The cost of educating each student at KCS is much greater than the tuition covers. Our Annual Fund Campaign is essential to help fill the gap between tuition and operating expenses. Our Goal for the Annual Fund is $250,000. Each year, the Annual Fund helps control tuition increases – making Christian education affordable to families in our community – while providing funding for many of the school’s most pressing needs such as: technology in the classrooms, academic enhancements, tuition assistance, faculty support, the purchase of supplies and equipment and operating expenses Every dollar raised is used to enrich the school and lives of the KCS students in their pursuit of knowledge, character, and spiritual development so they may be the future Christian leaders that our world so greatly needs.

Please help impact the educational experience of every student with a tax-deductible donation. Your generous support really does make a difference.

Make your gift today – online!

Donations may also be mailed to the school:

Knoxville Christian School
11549 Snyder Road, Knoxville, TN 37932

If you have any questions or would like more information on donating, please contact:

Rikki Brandenburg, Finance Manager
Email: [email protected]
Call: 865-966-7060

Why should I give more, over, and above tuition, to fund my child’s education at KCS?

Tuition does not cover it all. The cost of educating each student exceeds our tuition rates. Donations to the Annual Fund Campaign are essential for KCS to continue provide students the best Christian education possible. Your gift is tax-deductible.

Who gives to the Annual Fund Appeal?

The Annual Fund Campaign is supported by a variety of our families and friends of KCS. Alumni, parents, past parents, churches, parishioners, grandparents, businesses, and friends of the school generously support the Annual Fund each year.

What is a matching gift?

The ability to double your donation! Many employers offer benefits to match the contributions of their employees to educational institutions. Please inquire with your company’s Human Resources for information on if they offer a matching gifts program. Several of our current families work for employers that offer matching gifts.

I can’t give as much as I would like. Should I just wait until next year or not give at all?

Please don’t wait. A gift of any amount really does make a difference! Your donation of any amount demonstrates your support of KCS and Christian education. The percentage of donor participation is also a factor in our ability to demonstrate support to foundations when applying for grants. Percentage of participation is a key factor that benefactors want to see in assessing the commitment and participation of our families and donors.

When and how do I make a pledge or donation?

Now is the time to make your pledge or donation. Annual Fund letters have been sent out with our students. You can make a donation by mailing to the school or conveniently making an online donation via our website. Donations received by February 28, 2018 will support the current Annual Fund Campaign.

Please help impact the educational experience of every student with a tax-deductible donation to Knoxville Christian School’s Annual Fund Campaign today.

Levels of Giving (One year at a time)

$25,000 and upKnight for Life
$10,001 - 24,999Knight of the Round Table
$5,001 - 10,000Diamond Knight
$1,001 - 5,000Platinum Knight
$751 - 1,000Golden Knight
$501 - 750Silver Knight
$251 - 500Bronze Knight
Under $250Nobles