International Students Admission Procedures

Welcome to Knoxville Christian School and thank you for your interest in our school. Below you will find instructions for applying to KCS. If you have any questions, please contact our Vice Principal, Aliona Lain by phone (865) 966-7060 or email at [email protected].

Admission decisions are based on the student’s academic record, application, and admissions evaluation at the school. All classes are taught in English and no special accommodations are made for international students except for one ESL class to support the students in writing and grammar. If the student needs extra help, she/he must take tutoring session at his/her own expense.

Senior Class Students

Knoxville Christian School accepts new international students only for the 6th through 11th grades. However, two exceptions might be considered for senior students:

First Exception: if the student will be a senior and attended school in the U. S. for both semesters of 11th grade and earned credit with an excellent academic record, the school will consider your application.

Second Exception: when the international student who did not study in US a high school wishes to apply as a senior to KCS, she/he must be highly proficient in English and have an excellent academic record. The student must also take the TOEFL English Proficiency Test and score a minimum of 70 on TOEFL iBT and 520 on TOEFL Paper. The test scores must be sent with the application.

International Students Graduation Requirements

The international students must score a minimum of 75 on TOEFL iBT and 550 on TOEFL Paper and pass with a minimum of 70% all classes in order to receive a KCS diploma.

The senior international students may also take the ACT test if they wish and score a minimum of 21. The students that studied at least three years at KCS must take and pass with the above scores both ACT and TOEFL tests in order to graduate.

Application Process

Step 1:

The student must submit:

  • a copy of the passport (photo page only)
  • immunization records
  • completed application form (see attached)
  • the official school transcript translated in English via email to Aliona Lain at [email protected]

TOEFL test is required only for senior students.

Step 2:

Please email Mrs. Lain to set up a Skype appointment and receive the Skype address.

The student will be notified via email if he/she had been accepted into KCS.

Step 3:

Once the student has been accepted, KCS will issue the I-20 form. At this time, the student is responsible to pay KCS the $600 non-refundable application and processing fee.

If the student has an I-20, the form has to be transferred to KCS by the DSO of the school that issued the I-20. KCS accepts J1 or F1 visa students only.

Step 4:

Pay KCS tuition in full by August 1st.

Fees and Tuition

A non-refundable application and processing fee of $600/student must be submitted with each application before the I-20 is issued.

The $16,000 tuition is due by August 1st.

Further explination of fees and tuition can be found by clicking this link

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