Middle School (6-8)

The KCS middle school is an extension of the philosophies begun in the elementary school. Our middle school program builds on the higher order thinking skills developed in elementary and strives to develop active learners. Class size in middle school is approximately 7-18 students to 1 teacher allowing our teachers the opportunity to individualize their classes to meet the needs of their students as they strive not only to meet, but exceed the state standards. Since Jesus Christ is the foundation for our school, students will find that in every middle school class opportunities to relate academics and life-skills to the life of Christ is a wonderful way to learn about a Christian worldview. It is the intent of Knoxville Christian to develop middle school students who will be successful high school students, but most importantly fruitful Christians. It is our goal to develop the middle school students’ character so they can demonstrate love for self and others.

The mission of Knoxville Christian School is to develop children spiritually, emotionally, academically, and physically with Jesus Christ as their standard and the Holy Bible as their foundation, preparing them to be Godly representatives in their community, church, and home.